St. Nicholas Catering


It was year 2003, when a young man named Severo Nichodemus N. Pelaez established a food business and services, registered as St. Nicholas Catering Services. Why St. Nicholas you wonder? It's after his dad's name, known for his kind & giving heart which encompassed the service orientation of the business in which "Nick" was named after.


As a young entrepreneur, Nick's passion for good taste and right ingredients had helped him surpassed all odds and challenges in the food industry. With determination, dedication and pursue to excellence, St. Nicholas Catering Services has diversified and was able to serve a wider market base without compromise.


Carving it's name in the world of culinary, St. Nicholas Catering Services is spreading its resources to event management complementing its purpose and objective to a one stop event planner.  The wide range of clientele had made St. Nicholas a one-stop-shop for various services that will be your first and only choice!!! We want you to be with us again....if not forever!





" A personalized catering that fully satisfy the outmost needs of our customer's individual unique taste & style to a higher standard."





"Dedication to provide our valued customer's satisfaction

and services through budget control, modern designs without compromising perfection and excellent quality service of our personnel."





"We respect everyone's needs and opinion to form unity, and with the guidance and the glory of Almighty God,  for the common good of our customers and ourselves to make all this successful as promised."





Dangal ng Pinoy Awardee

by Buhay Pinoy


Asia Pacific Award



Global Excellence Award



Global Excellence Award



Global Excellence Award